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From the kinds of responses I put out to questionnaires that I reblog, what kind of sense of a person do you guys get from me?

Watched the re-run of Doctor Who’s season 7 premiere, got a haircut and got a new phone. The days of me being on the butt end of jokes about not having a phone are over.

(Got the new Motorola RAZR V btw)

I’ll post up a pic of my haircut later on, but I’ve just been in a good mood all day, which was something unexpected considering all the shit I got yesterday for saying something that was apparently “bashing” and “hateful.”

And with that I leave this question to my followers:

Is there anything bad or wrong about looking plain?

Aside from the people who I know enjoy my ramblings on whatever seems to hold my attention, what do you other followers think of my ramblings? Too much, too little?

Despite grossing $210 million over 15 days, The Amazing Spider-Man is actually under performing compared to the Sam Raimi films. At this same point for Spider-Man, the film had grossed over $252 million in 15 days and that’s without the added revenue from increased ticket prices and 3D. When you also factor in inflation, Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man kicks Marc Webb’s Amazing Spider-Man’s ass. So that begs the question, what gives?

Thoughts anyone?

@youcanlightupthedark, you suck. I’m obsessing over how I could be viewed as intimidating and it’s bugging me. I still don’t see how I could be intimidating at all =(

Followers! (again) Do I come off as intimidating?

According to my friend youcanlightupthedark I come off as intimidating. This isn’t the first time I’ve been told that, but I honestly don’t see myself that way. So I’m posing this question to you my followers—mostly to those who have been following me for quite some time:

Do I come off as intimidating and how?

From last I remember Manga Entertainment held the rights to both the Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death & Rebirth and Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion movies. I’m pretty sure that they’ve got out of business (correct me if I’m wrong) so who owns the rights to those movies now?

I’m not the only one having dashboard issues right now… right?

Whenever I see people go on about how such and such has had a perfect movie career I always take it upon myself to disprove that person. Am I an ass for doing that? Absolutely not, the person who is trying to sell me on a person having a perfect career is an ass because there is no perfect film career in any of the fields from writing to directing to acting. Everyone has a piece of shit that they put out. If they haven’t already yet, it’s because they still haven’t put out enough. 

Give me a name and I’ll prove it?

Do you guys restrict yourselves to how many blogs you follow? I used to follow around 200 but it got to hectic with a lot of redundant crap cluttering my dashboard on a daily basis so I dropped it down to 150. Occasionally I’ll look through to see if I’m still following any blogs that haven’t been updated and Ill unfollow those as well. Currently I’m at 145 blogs which is under my 150 limit.

So what about you guys?

What are your first names (if you don’t know already, my name is Paolo) ?

Of all the things I post, why do you guys follow me. Surely it isn’t for my opinions on anything, because who follows guys for their opinions right?

Am I being a hipster right now with all my hate towards the popularity and mainstream attention towards The Hunger Games since I read the book two years ago or is my disdain justified with my criticisms in my review?

Any ideas on what I should do for my 50,000th post?

Who knew about John Carter before the movie was announced?